Two Color Pad Printing Machines with Shuttle

//Two Color Pad Printing Machines with Shuttle

Two Color Pad Printing Machines with Shuttle

Two Color Pad Printing Machines with Shuttle Kinnari has a wide range of 2 color pad printing machines with shuttle with varied pinting sizes and images possible like two color pad printing machines / 2 color pad printing machine, open inkwell pad printing machine, separate open inkwell pad printing machine, etc. In a shuttle type machine, The component to be printed is placed on the fixture mounted on a shuttle. There are two different pads which pick up two different colors from the divided etched plate in case of open inkwell or from two separate plates in case of closed cup system and move towards the product to print. The first color is printed on the component by the first pad. Then the shuttle comes into play. It takes the component and travels to the second pad automatically and second color is printed.The component shuttles back to its home position where the product is unloaded and second product is loaded.

Two Color Shuttle type Pad Printing Machine (Closed Cup KIN C 60)



Item Code : KIN-C-60-Closedcup-Two-color-shuttle

The KIN C 60 Two machine with Two color shuttle has all the equipments similar to KIN C 60 single color Closed Cup.Apart from that we have an extra cup of 90 which is placed parallel to the first cup.We also have a two color shuttle for transporting the product and additionally a shuttle coordinate is attached below the shuttle for adjusting the component x-y-and in angular with reference to the matter on the plate and to get perfect registration. Option: Machine optionally also available with working table and base specially for heighted products or for clients having variety of products.


Technical Specifications:
No of colors: Two
Cup dia: 60 mm dia
Plate / cliche size: 215 mm x 100 mm
Print image size: 30-40 mm dia
Cycles/hr: 600-800/hr
Pad stroke on plate: 110 mm
Pad stroke on product: 110 mm
Pad carriage:115 mm
Center Distance of shuttle:Variable from 114mm -127 mm (Can be customized to suit special requirements)

General Applications:

Pad Printing on MCB
Pad Printing on IC
Pad Printing on Capacitor
Pad Printing on Switches
Pad Printing on torches
Pad Printing on Automotive Components
Pad Printing on Golf Ball
Pad Printing on buttons

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