Full color printing your business cards

There are plenty of marketing materials today that into increasing your business connections. Because of the ease of use and the increased range, many of these materials come in the form of electronic messages sent through the internet. However, there is no denying that while the internet and online marketing materials have helped and revolutionized the way the marketing industry works, it is still a close second to actual full color printing materials.
For reference, let us look at business cards. Electronic business cards are very easy to make, easier to distribute and cheaper than actual business cards that are made with full color printing. However, let us also look at the fact that the actual business cards are generally more preferred to their electronic counterparts. Here are the reasons why:
Do not underestimate the importance of touching the actual marketing materials.
Digital business cards are grossly impersonal and defeat the purpose of social networking. On the other hand, actual full color printing made business cards. They can open their wallet and retrieve them anytime that they want. They can even store it in their pockets – something you cannot do digitally.
Some may argue that digital business cards are safely stored and tucked away in a computer’s hard drive and that it is a far safer place to keep contact information than merely keeping it in your pocket or in your wallet. However, this argument can be easily since the fact that the information without the use of computers. When you are in a restaurant and you meet with a potential client, will you send him an electronic business card? No, you give him your business card personally.
Remember: No man is an island
This brings me to my second is the importance of interaction with people. Part of the success of business cards is that it allows people to interact in a natural way without appearing fake and forced. In addition, when you send a business card through electronic means, you are effectively at the mercy of the recipient and you have no control over what he does. He can keep your business card or he can delete it right away.
On the other hand, with printed business cards you can have some sort of a say overall situation. When you extend a business card to a person, common courtesy states that he should accept it. In addition, while there is no assurance that he will keep your business card, at least you already know that he accepted the card and that if designed properly, your card has a stronger chance
Connecting personally with people is more effective
In addition, being there personally give out your cards means that you have established a connection already with your potential client. The fact that many of the electronic business cards can be by electronic bots do not sit well with many people.

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