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Cheap CD Printing

Cheap CD printing solutions will mainly depend on the number of CDs you want printed, the printing method you wish to use and the other CD services you need. The best way to get a hold cheap CD printing is to have all your CD works done at once. As for example if you need information burned on CDs and CD duplication or replication services, upon purchase from the same printing facility you will most certainly have access to a volume discount.


You are sure to have cheap CD printing when you require service from one facility however you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for a remotely insignificant amount of cash. The lack in quality will cost you more when you would have to replace the CDs that were improperly printed.
Cheap CD printing is first of all a matter of perspective. Depending on the quality standard you have in mind you might consider the best CD printing solution as cheap as long as it provides you with a fine product to satisfy your every requirement.
There are three basic print types when it come to CD printing: thermal transfer print, professional ink jet print and screen printing. Either you’re looking for a customized branding for your CDs or you’re looking for broadband CD sale and distribution the method that best services your CD printing need will be the one you see as a cheap CD printing solution.
In order to make sure you don’t waste any money make sure that you know beforehand which printing type is better suited to give you the results you’re looking for. In this respect, thermal transfer print is the most cost effective solution for a professional look print and thus considered to be a cheap CD printing solution. Other advantages to thermal transfer print are the lack of set up costs and availability for unlimited printing. You can, by this type of print, use up to 7 colours to express your branding ideas. The finished product will impress upon you it’s durability and waterproof characteristics.
Professional ink-jet print can be a cheap CD printing solution in the respect that it is perfect for small runs while using full color option for printing. Just as thermal transfer printing it doesn’t require any set up charges or the use of any screen or films. It still keeps a very professional look for the printed disk. The ink-jet printing solution becomes cost effective when you are in need for full color runs in between 1 and 200 units. The downside of this printing method is the required use of a specially prepared surface for printing which will be provided by the printing facility.
The third printing solution for CDs customization is screen printing which will first of all provide you with the best quality prints using a maximum of 5 colors. Maybe not a cheap CD printing method, screen printing is however sure to service you with the best quality results and guarantee you large amount of prints in a timely manner.

The best of cheap CD printing solutions is the one that provides you with a finished product that matches everything you had in mind from the get go in a timely and cost effective manner.

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