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CD Printing Services

CD printing services enable you to project your company’s brand with exquisite taste and at the best quality available. Either for copying CDs “in-house” or branding them for commercial use, you can nowadays find a diverse pallet of CD printing services, either online or close to your home, with prices to suit every pocket.

CD printing services commonly resume to three basic options for printing: CD “Litho” printing, CD “screen” printing and CD full color digital printing. CD “Litho” printing is designed to spotlight your brand image through high resolution and fine color. You can actually have control over the color used as opposed to the “screen” printing method. It is quire similar to the traditional paper printing process. CD “screen” printing is recommended for prints where color is of the essence and it provides a top of the line finish to the product. The third of CD printing services, and the highest priced one, is the CD full color digital printing, is the best solution for a quality full color label print.
Depending on the provider, CD printing services can be provided either with volume discount, either for a minimum of prints required. Taking into account these specifications and your own CD printing needs you can start the lookout for the best firm to provide you CD orinting services.
Another classification for CD printing services can be made in regards to the hardware used in the process, and then you can have access to thermal printing and ink-jet printing. On an usual basis CD printing services come together with CD duplication services, either for compatibility purposes or simply from a sales increase point of view. Along with CD printing and duplication services you can be provided with different packaging options for full service.
CD printing services providers work with different technology to best satisfy your needs and expectations. The latest improvement in CD printing is the re-transfer printer technology which is based on white-coated disc media for improving the photographic quality, full CD coverage. This kind of CD printing also provides you with scratch and smudge proof printing. The white coated disks enable the outcome of dense colors photo realistic imagery. This sort of CD printing services also come with a laminated finish, making them very durable and pressure , light and moisture resistant.
CD printing services also include paper labels which are rather unaesthetic and they tend to now cost more than the latest printing methods. Aside from the looks paper labels may even damage the disk drive. Ink-jet printing doesn’t prevent moisture damage and is not smudge or scratch proof. Thermal printing has the downside of limited colors and no color blending at all on CDs. The best choice for CD printing services is by far the silk screen printing which brings excellent quality to the process, specially considering volume discounts.

CD printing services are at their best when they suit your needs and comply to your cost estimates. Make sure you don’t pick a provider based on hear-say recommendations but based on cost-efficiency reasons.

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