Canon Printers and Their Flexibility

//Canon Printers and Their Flexibility

Canon Printers and Their Flexibility


Canon printers are now able to be networked and have so many built in standard features as well as a comprehensive range of options that they are now frequently referred to as multifunctional devices or multifunctional printers.(MFD or MFP) Most printers are capable of performing the following functions:

Network Printing
Colour Copying and Printing

What are the main benefits of choosing a multifunctional printer?

More cost effective printing

If you are printing to an inkjet or desktop/ workgroup laser printer the costs are considerable when compared to printing to a Canon multifunctional printer. Although the initial purchase price of a typical workgroup laser printer may seem an attractive option, the cost of printing to workgroup printers can make it an unattractive longer term decision especially when you are printing in colour to local/workgroup printers. The cost per print will normally be around 25% of the cost to print to a workgroup / local printer so savings on your consumables could be significant. Also there is no cost implication of printing pages with high colour toner coverage as with a fixed cost per print this does not impact on the overall cost. Many organisations make huge annual savings by printing to multifunctional printers instead of local/workgroup printers.

Scanning from a multifunctional printer

Scanning from an multifunctional printer can provide meaningful benefits for most organisations. Canon multifunctional printers offer a convenient way to move documents digitally, most multifunctional printers incorporate a touch screen display with the ability to set up ‘one-touch’ buttons to perform specific functions, for example, a button may be displayed on the screen that points to a particular user or network location. This would enable users to walk up to the device with their documents, place them in the document feeder and press the ‘one-touch’ button on the touch screen display. The multifunctional printer would then scan the document to the specific user or network location immediately.

Scanning from a multifunctional printer using ecopy

Scanning from a multifunctional printer using ecopy provides a number of benefits over and above the document scanning features incorporated in the multifunctional printer itself. Ecopy is a document distribution tool that enables a user to scan documents as though they are sending from Microsoft Outlook directly. The Ecopy scan station uses LDAP to seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft Office Exchange server, this means that when a user walks up to a multifunctional printer to scan a document to email, rather than the sender of the email being anonymous or being the name of a printer, it actually logs you onto to the exchange server, this means better security and in addition the document that you scan to email resides in your sent items folder.

Falcon document management

have performed hundreds of installations featuring multifunctional printers for scanning, please feel free to call or email us as we will be happy to give advice as to how best link your multifunctional printer with your document management software.

Faxing from multifunctional printers

Many multifunctional printers now incorporate a fax machine as well. As the printer is built for handling a high throughput of scanned documents the fax machine functionality is that of a high performance fax machine and therefore packs a big punch and can scan and fax large documents quickly and efficiently. Certain multifunctional printers also enable incoming faxes to be sent electronically to the recipients email inbox directly without the need to print from the multifunctional printer itself.

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