Brochure Printing

We print full-colour brochures and booklets to promote your company. Brochure and booklet printing is carried out by our skilled team and available small to large runs. Minimum order is 500 booklets , no maximum We cater for all your brochure and booklet printing and ca...

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Compliment Slips

We are commercial printers for the UK market specialising in a huge range of print-related items including Business Cards, letterheads, flyers, Leaflets, compliment slips and website design, all at the cheapest prices available today.We have many years experience in bus...

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Letterhead Printing

Our Company or Personal uk Letterheads are printed on LUXURY 100-170GSM AMBASSADOR BOND PAPER. For additional speciality styles such as metallic or laminated please feel free to call us or use our simple on-line quotation form. Absolutely the lowest prices for quality l...

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Get Them to Remember You Every Day of the Year

Custom business cardscame in to existence for six important reasons: to help people recall who you are. However, there is a problem with the business card: you must actively search for the card in order to be reminded about what it says. Here is a situation I am sure plenty of people have had happen...

Full color printing your business cards

There are plenty of marketing materials today that into increasing your business connections. Because of the ease of use and the increased range, many of these materials come in the form of electronic messages sent through the internet. However, there is no denying that while the internet and online...

Exchanging Business Cards: Do’s and Don’ts of Business Introductions

Exchanging business cardscan be a smooth transaction, or it could be an awkward situation. Use this guide to plan so that you are ready when someone asks for your business card. Do not hand out torn or worn business cards Always have a handful with you to present to potential clients or other busine...

Excellent Card

Printing the cards It is important to note that before an entire run of cards is processed, a couple of examples are run off and submitted for “proofing.” The designers, marketers, graphic artists, press operators, etc. examine the card and check it carefully to ensure the imprint is of acceptab...

About Us

Something about our team.

Footprints Designs International Inc. is a home-based business that was founded through inspiration of our own children. We started up shop in October 2000, and specialize in capturing three-dimensional, life-like impressions of your child's feet and/or hands.
All our keepsakes are finished in such a way that they can be proudly displayed in your home or office as a work of art.
Our services are not age-specific; from the young, to the young at heart. Though most of our customers are under 6 months of age, our customers have ranged from between 2 days and 88 years.


Joe Alan - CEO of Creative

Joe Alan - CEO of Creative

Thank you so much for the extra set of prints for Ron's office. It was such a lovely surprise. Everyone loved the prints and it was so wonderful of you to go the extra mile in getting them done so quickly for his christening.
Catherine Grace - CEO of Digital W

Catherine Grace - CEO of Digital W

Thanks again Rochelle, it was a pleasure working with you at your home and it was nice that you had all the equipment on hand and could get things done for us in a very short time frame.